Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Peace in Dagbon, Northern Ghana?

BBC report here describes the recent funeral for the murdered King of Dagbon. Four years ago he and twenty or so of his men were slain by the rival clan vying for the throne.

Tamale, the town I've been blogging about recently, is largest town in the Dagbon traditional area in the Northern Region. Although the actual capital of the kingdom is in Yendi, a several hours down the road, Tamale is largest Dagomba town.

This BBC article is a bit sensationalist at times. But useful in gaining a broader sense of the context in which some young musicians are making serious strides.

Just check out the last few posts for more on hiplife in Northern Ghana.

hey, i just got back from spending six months in ghana, and your blog is making me miss it. your links are great, I've been looking for ways to get the music over here. btw, I'm also thursday born.
wow that was a big news. I still wonder why human race it's like this haha I really wonder what's gonna happen in this world...
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