Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Stylus Magazine

Hey... It's been a little while since I updated The Hiplife Complex with something fresh... I know, I'm lame.

Here's something new though... A starter's guide to getting into hiplife at Stylus Magazine.

If you've happened upon this place via Stylus... Welcome! A special thanks to Todd & co. at Stylus for inviting me to ramble on about hiplife in their space. Watch out for a couple hiplife podcasts curated by me here:

New posts coming very soon. Promise.

Meantime, I also keep this blog which some of you might find amusing:

Hello Brian
I'm looking forward to a reply from you... I know you are busy; a few words will do.
Paul (New Zealand)
Hey Brian,

How did you get a Fulbright 2 years in a row? I'd love to do a Zora Neale Hurston thing and study cultural and language syncretism and melding in the Carribean -- perhaps music, as well.

Any advice or hints. I would greatly appreciate it.
Oh yeah... you can email me at -- or leave me a message on my blog.

I had a fulbright for one year, been back in the U.S. fora while now... I keep in touch with my contacts in ghana and continue to learn from afar.
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